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Room Types

The Berkeley Lab Guest House offers three comfortable room types to choose from and a wide range of amenities.


  • Standard StandardStandard
    • 2 twin beds or 1 queen bed
    • Cozy and comforting
    • Private restroom with shower in each room
  • Large Large Large
    • 2 queen beds
    • Expanded space for sharing or just 'spreading out'
    • Private restroom with shower in each room
  • Studio StudioStudio
    • 1 queen bed or 2 queen beds
    • Kitchenette stocked with cooktop, dishware, and cookware
    • Dining area
    • Spacious and upgraded floor plan
    • Private restroom with shower/bathtub in each room

All rooms:

  • We proudly feature "Bee Kind" hair and bath products, sales of which support honey bee research at the University of California Davis.
  • We boast the "Best Snooze in Berkeley"! Our bedding package includes top-of-the-line Serta mattresses, plush mattress toppers, and soft upgraded linens...all assured to soothe you into the restful sleep you'll need to feel energized for the project or business that brought you to our facility.